Book These Romantic Fall Getaways ASAP


If there’s one thing that puts a kink in romantic holidays, it’s crowds. Loud, noisy, brash, and inconsiderate, the unwashed masses put much unneeded stress upon the shoulders of many traveling couples looking for a relaxing getaway from the everyday.

Party animals rage on all night with zero thought for their neighbors, belligerent and selfish diners spoil the mood in fine restaurants with their pushiness, and the veritable sea of humanity that crowds beaches and tourist attractions take away from the special atmosphere that should pervade them, given their beauty and meaning.

If this has described your experiences when traveling with your partner, you should know that there is a magical time of the year when these irritating people magically disappear from the travel scene, if for only a few months. That time is fall, when school starts up again and summer vacations come to an abrupt end. The resorts empty, the beaches clear, and the mountain tops regain their solitude. Yet the weather tends to remain mild to warm most of the time during this season, and nature takes on a glorious appearance throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere.

Thus, it is the perfect time for you and your lovely spouse to take time to rekindle your romance, as the setting at the following destinations are nothing short of astounding, with considerably lower odds that some thoughtless rube will spoil the romance. Let’s review these romantic fall getaways in greater detail…

Vermont, USA

In this landlocked portion of New England, the maple trees come alive with passionate oranges and red leaves, a spectacle best appreciated by renting a car and leisurely coasting through the Vermont countryside. Lake Champlain makes for a picturesque setting as you explore Burlington, the state’s largest city, a place which brims with microbreweries and charming boutiques. If you both have a sweet tooth, indulge without guilt (you’re on vacation!) at the original Ben and Jerry’s factory, where countless varieties are available to taste after an entertaining tour.

Cornwall, United Kingdom

The coastal resorts of Cornwall are often a favored destination for many people in the UK, as its starkly beautiful coastline are studded with white sand beaches, cliffs, and fishing towns that have been harvesting the sea for close to a millennium. While they are uncomfortably crowded during the summer, they are refreshingly depopulated by the time September rolls around, allowing you a window to enjoy this stunning region of England before the winter rains roll in.

Many historically significant castles can be found here, including Tintagel Castle, reputed to be the home of King Arthur, who was said to command the Knights of the Round Table many centuries ago. A wealth of Michelin starred restaurants can be found in the villages, towns and cities of this territory, and the coasts are often still warm in Early September, which means that even a dip might be out of the question!

Gangwon Province, South Korea

If you find yourself in Asia, a stunning place to get away to for a week hides within one of the most densely populated places on the continent. South Korea’s Gangwon Province is studded with countless mountains, making it a much less populated place in a nation where 50 million people live in a area smaller than the American state of Ohio.

A popular Korean pastime is hiking, and while this can make the many paths through Seoraksan National Park uncomfortably crowded on weekends, it’s a sanctuary of peace during the work week. In towns like Pyeongchang, the home of the 2018 Olympics, enjoy authentic Korean food like Beef Galbi and Bibimbap at countless restaurants in their entertainment districts, while the peace and serenity of the Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm combines the cute animals with breathtaking mountain vistas to create a romantic experience unlike any other that the two of you have ever had before.

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