Have an exciting honeymoon holiday in 2016


Getting married in 2016, and looking for a honeymoon destination that will give both of you plenty to do from start to finish? Below, we have come up with a few hotspots that will ensure that boredom will never enter the equation during the course of your dream trip.

Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are looking to have an exciting honeymoon holiday this year, there is no better place to consider than Las Vegas, which is the self-proclaimed entertainment capital of the world.

Despite this bold proclamation, this brightly lit metropolis in the Great Basin Desert lives up to the hype, with a laundry list of options for couples looking for some activity on their first post-nuptial holiday other than heading straights to the gaming pits (although you will at some point … guaranteed).
From shows that wouldn’t be out of place on Broadway, to indoor skydiving in a vertical wind tunnel, you’ll have so many choices to make on arrival that we actually recommend doing your research before departure to avoid wasting time in indecision once you arrive in Las Vegas.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

While the Bahamas seemingly have more top quality beaches than all the grains of sand in the world, many of them are located on isolated cays where the only things to do all day is to swim, snorkel, and drink from a rum coconut on a sun lounger.

This may sound nice, but it can get stale after a few days. For those craving a multitude of opportunities for activity, spending an exciting honeymoon holiday at Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island is your best bet.

Cabbage Beach is one of those “is this for real?” spots, where the sand is bleach white, and the waters a creamy shade of baby blue unlike anything you’ve seen elsewhere in the world.

Within the grounds of Atlantis, a water park, a championship 18 hole golf course, and a lively nightclub will conspire to keep you entertained when you aren’t prowling the floor of its casino.

If you are a little rusty on the rules of games like blackjack, get some practice before hitting its gaming pits by loading up a site like Mansion Casino on your laptop. On this site, you can play a variety of online casino games from slots to blackjack to roulette, and more. After a couple hours, you’ll have all the confidence you’ll need to head downstairs and break the bank!

Phuket, Thailand

Want to inject some exoticism into your honeymoon holiday? There is no place on the globe is as adept at this task than Thailand.

Home to a Buddhist culture that views life rather differently than the West, you’ll find excitement by simply performing the most mundane tasks, such as walking down the street to the 7/11 to buy a couple of Singhas for the beach.

While some resorts in Thailand can be a bit rural, Phuket is sufficiently urbanized to the point where any service or entertainment option that your heart desires will be close at hand; however, with wild beaches and jungle within a short drive, seclusion and peace will be similarly easy to find.

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