The perfect honeymoon in Japan

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Looking to have the perfect honeymoon in Japan? Below, we will go over how you can make the most of your time together in one of the most intriguing nations on Earth…

Visit during the spring months

If you are planning to have a spring wedding next year, then it lines up perfectly with a planned honeymoon in Japan.

At this time, temperatures are comfortably warm and sakura trees (known as cherry trees here at home) are in full bloom.

Autumn is your second best option, as similarly warm and dry conditions pair with fall foliage to create a scenic environment during your time in the Japanese outdoors.

Summer is the worst time to come, as high temperatures and humidity verging on 80% each day turn the entire region into a steam bath.

Winter, while cold and snowy, are a great time if you enjoy skiing and the contrast that the chilled air can create with the toasty waters of a onsen.

Stay in a Ryokan

When it comes to Japanese style accommodations, there is no better option for romantic types than to stay in a Ryokan.

These inns have the unique bamboo flooring and paper screens that one thinks of when Japan is mentioned.

Staff members wear kimonos when they serve you, and you get to wear traditional garb (known as yukata) as well if you wish. Meals are included in the price of your stay, and can be very exquisite in their preparation.

Have a dinner in a Michelin starred restaurant

Japan is well known for culinary excellence, which is borne out by the fact that 519 establishments across the country have at least one Michelin star to their credit.

Many can be found in either Tokyo or Kyoto, so make a point to reserve a spot in one for a romantic lunch or dinner at some point during your honeymoon.

Ajiman is a great family run restaurant known for its fugu (other less “dangerous” dishes are available for the risk adverse), while in Kyoto, Iida features a menu that changes by the month, with its dishes served on antique china that will steal the show almost as much as the food does.

Take a trip to Mount Fuji

A universal symbol of the nation of Japan, a trip out to Mount Fuji should be a priority, be it for a day or for several nights. Active couples can climb this iconic peak in season, while those that are less adventurous will still enjoy the view and the numerous onsen that its volcanic activity produces.

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