A dream honeymoon in the Croatian islands

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Plotting out your honeymoon after saying your vows next spring or summer? If Europe is on the table, may we suggest that you strongly consider a sojourn through the isles of Croatia, as these gems are home to some of the most romantic environments in the Mediterranean.

If you’re looking to have a dream honeymoon in the Croatian islands, any of the following will produce a holiday you won’t soon forget.


While Cres is the biggest of the islands lying off the coast of Croatia, it is one that is lesser known among the hordes of travelers that descend upon this region every summer, making it a great place for recently married couples to enjoy their honeymoon in blissful serenity.

Nearly empty but perfect pebble beaches, lofty hills boasting sweeping vistas of the Adriatic Sea, and authentic towns where Italian can be heard alongside Croatia are all things that you can expect here.


Those seeking a more vibrant but no less beautiful Croatian island will take well to the charms that Hvar possesses.

From historic forts and countless houses topped by orange tiled Mediterranean roofs, to hikes through stands of fragrant pine trees that teeter on the brink of towering sea cliffs, you’ll quickly grow attached to this place. Don’t miss an opportunity to have a glass of wine in Hvar’s main town square.


Similar to Hvar, but with a more laid back attitude, Brac is the best place for couples that seek many of the qualities of the former, but without the throbbing nightlife that tends to define it during the peak summer months.

There are many isolated coves to visit if you choose to take a sailboat or paddleboards out exploring during the day, as well as a Dominican monastery in Bol for those that aren’t big fans of physical activity.

When it comes time for dinner, be sure to have lamb as your main course on one of your evenings here, as the local variety is very well spoken of in this part of the world.


Looking for a Croatian island that is rich in agricultural and viticultural heritage? Foodie couples will adore Korcula for these reasons, as it is home to many olive orchards and vineyards.

This part of Croatia is renowned for its dry variety of white wine, but even if you aren’t big time wine snobs, there are many quiet beaches of sandy and pebbly origins to keep fans of gorgeous beaches more than happy.

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