Quiet Thai Islands for Newlyweds

We have all heard about it; beautiful blue-green bodies of water, palm trees, and sandy beaches. The lap of luxury that few experience and many only dream of. The Thai Islands is a great place to get away from your everyday life. There are countless islands to choose from, and more than likely there is an island that fits your needs.

For Newlyweds, the Thai Islands can be a getaway that lets the couple come closer together. Some islands may have resorts and clubs, while others let you enjoy nature fully with only small shacks and hammocks across the beaches.

If you are considering visiting the Thai Islands, it is important to know a little about the island names. Most islands are usually preceded with the word Ko or Koh. These two words mean ‘island’ and are used interchangeably. Also, when looking at a map, keep in mind that sometimes maps spell the names of the islands differently. But as long as you know which island you want to go to, you should have no problems.

So now that I have your attention, think about what type of island would you like to visit? Are you interested in a secluded place where you and your loved one can get in touch with nature? Or would you rather a place that is full of resorts and also clubs to engage your nightlife? The Thai Islands have so much to offer! There are even islands which have specific activities such as scuba diving available.

Although there are many islands to visit, here are a few that are highly suggested Thai Islands:

Koh Tao

Are you in love with the outdoors? If so, Koh Tao may be the island for you. This destination has many recreational purposes. From rock climbing to scuba diving, there are countless activities to participate in. This island also happens to be an ideal fishing spot for those interested in barracuda and marlin. Along with the outdoor activities, Koh Tao has a number of resorts which can help you and your partner relax. This is one of the quiet islands.

Koh Chang

Do you want to get away from the tourist crowds and connect with the peaceful side of nature, yet still have enough tourist conveniences at your disposal? If so, Koh Chang may be for you. With beaches that have plenty of space even in the peak dry season, waterfalls and mountains located in the inland portions of the island, and reggae inspired nightlife in the backpacker mecca of Lonely Beach,  Koh Chang is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.

Ko Tarutao

Would you like to feel as though you are the only person in the world? Would you like to have a glimpse of what it is like to directly interact with wildlife? Ko Tarutao is an island that is not visited by most. Unlinke other islands, Ko Tarutao does not have luxury resorts. Instead the visitors usually sleep in hammocks or tents. There is a great amount of scenery to behold, and most importantly this area can provide the most serene setting ever.

I hope you take the time to plan your visit to the Thai Islands. These islands have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Book your flight today!

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