How to have a romantic honeymoon cruise

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Want to find a way to have a romantic honeymoon cruise? While it is easier said than done, the convenience of these excursions can be successfully merged with an experience that will deepen the bonds of love between you and your new partner…

If possible, favor smaller luxury focused liners over the megaships

When people think of cruises, many of the images don’t appear to be conducive to romance, and for the most part, they’re right. Gang style tables at dinner, crowded hot tubs … wonderful for meeting new people, challenging for the couple trying to enjoy some solo time after the pomp and ceremony of a big wedding.

By picking a smaller ship, not only will there be fewer people to contend with overall, but the companies that typically run micro cruise ships do so with luxury in mind. As such, expect more opportunities for private moments throughout the course of your voyage.

Book a roomier stateroom with added amenities

When most folks book a stateroom, they do so with the mindset of getting their hands on best value they can. After all, they’ll be spending most of their time on holiday socializing and having a great time, so what does it matter if their room is a little cramped?

In your case though, it will be well worth shelling out the extra dollars for a sizable suite that is well decorated, has room to breathe, and has an assortment of fun amenities like an in-room whirlpool tub.

Additionally, be sure to inform the crew that you are a newly married couple, and you might get some extra special touches added to your room during maid service, like champagne, chocolates, rose petals and those super fancy towel animals that are all the rage in the hospitality industry these days.

Book your tables at on board restaurants well in advance

As mentioned earlier, seating within cruise ship restaurants is designed to encourage people on board to mix and mingle instead of allowing individual parties to keep to themselves. However, it may be possible to book a table for 2 if you act well in advance of your cruise’s departure, and there are often exclusive restaurants with couple seating only aboard that are separate from the standard restaurant for everybody else.

Avoid shore excursions, embrace independent exploration

When you are about to call on a port, there may be folks that will ask you along on a shore excursion. While you might want to do this once or twice during your trip, if you want to spend quality time with each other, we would advise that you politely decline.

Instead, opt to bid your friends well while the two of you stroll through the streets of your destination (do your research ahead of time to avoid dangerous areas, and identify attractions and sights worth seeing) alone. This way, you won’t be distracted by the controlled chaos that rules on group tours.


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