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Cool honeymoon destinations in Cambodia

Have you always fancied yourself an unconventional couple? If this describes you and your love perfectly, plan your post-nuptial holiday at one of the many cool honeymoon destinations in Cambodia. You’ll have the time of your life, and the near heart attacks from uninformed relatives will amusing to say the least. Here’s what to expect […]

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Three Seductive Restaurants in Singapore

As the world progresses through the 21st century, it is clear to most by now that Asia has ascended to the top of the world order. Wanting to experience this vitality and power for yourself, you and your partner have decided to take your honeymoon on the delectable beaches of this friendly and dynamic corner […]

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A Marvelous Honeymoon in Malaysia

With wedding season approaching, it appears that all arrangements are on track (or at least as well as they can be with so many moving parts), but you’ve held off setting your plans for the final component: the all-important honeymoon. Others in your family and your circle of friends have typically chosen well-worn cliches when […]

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