Tips for Finding the Best Holiday Travel Deals

No matter how much you try to avoid it, travelling around the holidays is sometimes inevitable. Visiting friends and family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s is a traveller’s rite of passage – the hectic airport atmosphere around the holidays is like no other time of year. Heavy traffic on the way to the airport, endless lines at the airline check-in counter, and long waits at TSA security lines are just a few of the unpleasant things you’ll likely experience. The craziness of the airport is not the only reason people avoid holiday travel… airlines typically raise their flight prices around this time because they know that travelling is unavoidable for many people.

So if flying from Denver to Boston to visit your sister is a part of your Christmas travel plans, you have probably prepared yourself to break the bank when you purchase the ticket. But there’s good news, you don’t actually have to pay a pretty penny for your holiday flights! There are tons of Christmas flight deals out there, you just have to know where and how to look. Next time you are searching the web for cheap flights for Christmas, consider following these simple tips to help you find the best deal.

Shop around and set alerts. There is no need to purchase the first flight you see. Many people assume that the closer it gets to the holidays the faster the prices will soar, but this is not necessarily the case. Consider receiving alerts and notifications for price changes, and also consider comparing prices from nearby airports or different days. Another helpful hint when browsing for flights is to change your browser to “private” mode and perform an incognito search. Airlines can see when you repeatedly search for a flight, and they often raise the price just to trick you into thinking that the flight is becoming more expensive by the day.

Pack wisely and avoid checked baggage. Just about every airline nowadays charges for each checked bag. Depending on the airline you are flying with checking bags can become extremely costly, and this is especially true if you are flying with budget airlines like Frontier, Allegiant, or Spirit. If you wait to purchase the checked bag until you arrive at the airport, the cost of the bag might even be more than the actual ticket! These budget airlines, however, typically offer the best Christmas flight deals, so don’t avoid them just because of add-on costs like baggage allowances and snacks

Your best bet it to try packing light and even forego a checked bag if you can. Chances are you will be travelling with gifts for friends and family, so consider shipping these to the final destination beforehand. Check with the airline and read up on the baggage restrictions and costs to avoid any unpleasant surprises during check-in. If you do end up travelling with only a carry-on bag or personal item, refresh yourself on security restrictions when it comes to things like liquids and gels.

Purchase one-way tickets instead of round-trip. This doesn’t always work, but sometimes booking one-way flights rather than round-trip airfare can be a big money saver. Play around with your flight searches to see if one-way travel is more cost efficient. Cheapfaremart is one of the most reliable search engines when it comes to finding Christmas flight deals, so input your destination and desired dates to check out your options for cheap holiday airfare.

Avoid travelling on peak days and times.  If you are flexible on your travel days, check out flight prices for the whole week, or even check out the monthly view to compare prices. Some days are much more costly than others, so be as flexible as you can. This also goes for the time of day; early morning and red eye flights often offer the best deals on cheap flights for Christmas, and the airport won’t be nearly as hectic during these times.

If booking a flight to your holiday destination is on your to-do list, consider trying out these money-saving tips to help you find cheap flights for Christmas.  

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