Unique Activities For Your Maldivian Honeymoon


While there are many popular honeymoon getaways throughout the world in places like the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, these days it is clear that the stock of the Maldives is on the rise … and business is booming.  One look at photos of this archipelago on Google Images is enough to make you fall under their spell, usually by the 3rd row of pics.

Like many trendy couples, you’re looking to spend your holiday time after the exchange of vows in the Maldives, but being the restless type, you simply can’t see yourself sitting around a place like Elegant Resorts Reethi Rah and doing absolutely nothing for two weeks.  You both require variety, and activities that are more original than the standard spa treatments, snorkeling, and so forth.

While you may be partaking of these things, you are looking for something special and authentic to define your honeymoon holiday, and we believe these three activities will fit the bill rather nicely.  Let’s go over them each in detail:

Get A History Lesson

Despite perceptions of the Maldives being a string of tiny, deserted islands out in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it actually is a legitimate country with a back history worth knowing about. Instead of immediately shunning the national capital of Male for your resort island of choice, spend some time here learning about the Maldives culture. Check out the Fish Market for some “raw” action, and then the National Museum of the Maldives will tell the story of this small Islamic island chain that could.

Go For A Submarine Ride

Before departing Male for your island, be sure to inquire about the island for a submarine tour that has operated here for many years.  While snorkeling may show a small slice of the underwater world that proliferates among the innumerable coral islets that compose the Maldives, only by diving deeper can you get a full appreciation for the amount of life that exists down there.  If you have no diving certifications, this is an easy way to cheat and see what those throwing weights and an oxygen tank on their back have previously had a monopoly on.

Water So Beautiful It Glows

While the sight of the water sitting on your overwater bungalow is stunning enough by day … just wait until nightfall.  One of the things that gives the water its hue is tonnes of microscopic phytoplankton, a tiny life form that literally glows at night when in high concentrations.  By swimming in this glowing water after dark (stay very close to shore, be safe!), you can get yourself covered in an otherworldly hue from head to toe.

You Just Can’t Go Wrong In The Maldives

As far as beauty goes, the Maldives is very hard to beat in the looks department, and its standard activities just add to its appeal.  Possessing a wide variety of unique memorable things to do though just ensures that a honeymoon here will be destined to go down in the books as one of the best ever in your family!

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